• “Our company uses EFI Attachments. Well built, functional, and look good at the same time. We have them on our small equipment and the big iron. Nice work EFI.”
    Brad Cabay
    Cabay’s Dirtworks ltd.
  • “We at Urlacher Construction have been using EFI Attachments on our Volvo excavators for about 10 years now. Digging through frost in North-Eastern Alberta’s unique clay down to 12 or 13 feet puts a lot of strain on any type of bucket, but EFI buckets perform flawlessly. Our operators are impressed by the amount of dirt the V-buckets can move in a short amount of time ,without failing. Even the buckets out at our gravel pits (and we all know the abuse they take) are standing the test of time. Of course we’ve tried other brands, but they all experienced metal fatigue, stress cracks, and weld fails. Such is not the case with EFI; the V-Buckets, Digging Bucket’s, Clean-up Buckets, Ripper Shanks, and Frost Teeth just continue to perform!”
    Urlacher Construction ltd
  • "Efficient placing of materials is the name of the game in my business. I had the Idea of having a gravel spoon for my Deere 333E Compact track loader for quite some time, not only was I going to use it on the 333E but I also wanted to have an S60 hitch adaptor on top so that I could grab it with my Engcon tiltrotator on my excavator! Not able to find one with the features that I wanted, I contacted EFI Attachments with a very specific list of requirements I had for one. They quickly had their design team on it and got back to me right away with the concept that they came up with. They managed to check every box I had asked for, and within a few weeks they dropped off the finished custom built spoon at my site and had even laser cut some custom Shamrock Earthworks logos on it and painted them green! Build quality is excellent and it will be a great addition to the fleet for years to come! "
    Sean Coghlan
    Shamrock Earthworks Ltd
  • “We have been using EFI Attachments on our excavators and wheel loaders for many years and have had zero issues. The products are well-made, innovative and quite often out-last similar products from their competitors. EFI is our attachment brand of choice.”
    JAK Equipment
  • "I first met EFI's founder Jim Foley and started using his products in 2002. From their humble beginnings to their incredibly modern manufacturing facility today, we've watched EFI's product line develop and evolve. We currently use their excavator line of attachments on all our machines ranging from 6t to 25t machines. Each excavator we have is exclusively outfitted with EFI equipment including Hydraulic Quick Attach, Hydraulic Thumbs, Ripper, three sizes of Trenching Buckets, Clean up Bucket and Wrist Bucket. Their attention to detail with the best Thumb design in the industry, most compact Hydraulic Quick Attach and highest capacity Wrist Buckets are all second to none. We do a lot of work where we walk the excavators great distances while completing drainage repairs along the way. The E-Z Grab Lift Bar makes it so convenient to carry a second attachment as necessary. Simply set the extra attachment down and complete the task, hook back under the E-Z Grab Lift Bar and go, no chasing the extra attachment around damaging the trail surface attempting to pick it up. When we start looking at purchasing a new excavator, EFI is included in the planning from the start, they are a true partner in providing well thought out robust attachments made right here in small town Alberta."
    MacKenzie MacKay
    AM MacKay Diversified Ltd.